Dave Rogers

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OUR TEAMS WORK TO BUILD UNIQUE PROJECTS and WORK WITH OTHER MINISTRIES in Hebrew Roots for the advancement, spread, and increasing of the Kingdom.  Dave Rogers works together with other sold-out disciples of the Messiah (Jesus/Y'shua) who have various skills in ministry, technology, website development, marketing, expertise in specialty areas, and in TV, radio, and video production.  If you think you might have the time, skills, and you've hearing a "yes" from God, then contact Dave.

Dave Rogers is a 35+ Year Sold-Out, Born-Again, Torah-Observant Disciple of Jesus (Y'shua), and also a 35+ year veteran computer tech.  Dave has worked in ministry work for over 35 years including areas like non-profit ministry consulting, Christian TV and Radio, and Pro-Life and Pro-Family Grassroots Work. Now retired, he is able to focus full-time in Hebrew Roots and Torah evangelism.  [more about Dave]


2021 FALL UPDATE:  While 2020 and early 2021 has mostly been a dead time for some ministry work, due to kind donations, we have been able to raise thousands of funds to develop a TV and Audio Production Studio with TV Set (lights, backdrops, mics, etc). Click Here to see the last few things we need to complete the studio. 

The original purpose of the studio was designed to do live online video conferencing with in-house guests (studio audience) and an online audience that can participate and interact with all.  The concept came from a need to do online interactive Bible studies, but there are many more other possible applications such as recording for later broadcast and videos for YouTube and Facebook, and also for audio and radio production.  WORKING-OUT-THE-BUGS PHASE... As of Fall 2021 and expected into 2022 we will be increasing our work in video and audio development and working out the bugs (as they say). Keep us in your prayers as we expect exciting new things in 2022.