Ministry Projects

  • What is the Hebrew Roots of Christianity? (2017)
     — What is the Hebrew Roots Movement?
  • Hebrew Roots Radio (2017)
     — Music for the Sold-Out Disciple
  • The Jerusalem Road (2016)
    Preview CopyAn Online Discipleship Journal of a Sold-Out Disciple
    NEW BOOK COMING SOON: “Walking in the New Covenant with Jesus”
    A Hebrew Roots Evangelistic Book to hand out.  Everything you wanted to say to reach family, friends, and others in your life.
  • The Real Mount Sinai Welcome Center { in re-development }
    Overview of the Real Mount Sinai (Jebel al Lawz) in North-West Saudi Arabia, 80 miles east of the traditional site in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.
  • Pro-Life Projects

    • What is Biblical Creation?
      Free overview and basics for believers (book, videos, articles, resources).
      Combats evolution and promotes the validity of the Biblical Creation account from Genesis.  Designed to strengthen believers understanding that the Word of God is true, all of it.
    • HebrewRoots.Online {beta}
      — Where the Roots Connect —
      An Online Community for meeting, sharing, collaborating and learning.
    • Torah Evangelism
      — Equipping Disciples of Y’shua (Jesus) to Reach their World —
      Hebrew Roots Evangelistic tools, tracts, booklets, and writings for use in personal evangelism.
    • Intro to Torah
      Evangelistic website to be used as a starting point for Hebrew Roots.  —
    • Intro to Sabbath
      Evangelistic website to be used as a starting point for Hebrew Roots.   —
    • The Aleph Tav Mark of the Messiah
      Exploring the deity and majesty of the Messiah in the Old Testament.   —